Tony Ferguson Breaks The Silence and Speaks Out


Tony Ferguson announced his thanks to the UFC and its managers for their support while working on his personal problems. The former interim champion has been in the media spotlight after revealing personal problems in his home that resulted with a restraining order to his wife, El Cucuy in his statement indicated that UFC and its managers are looking for ways to help him.

Ferguson has been very active on social networks after talking about his situation, where he thanked the fans who have supported him. Where even former champion Conor McGregor expressed his support through Twitter. Lightweight broke the silence on Saturday afternoon by thanking everyone for their support:

“Thank you all for the great support!” Said Ferguson. “I’m very happy, UFC and my managers are helping me find what I need. I am receiving all your messages. They keep coming! Thank you very much for your kind words, my family and my team appreciate it. A lot of love in my social networks. Family, I could not keep faith without this … without you. still struggling!

Ferguson is currently on winning streak of eleven consecutive victories in the UFC, his last win was against Anthony Pettis at UFC 229.

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