TJ Dillashaw: “It will be difficult” For Cody Garbrandt to Fight Again For The Title


TJ Dillashaw regained the bantamweight title against his “arch rival” Cody Garbrandt in the past UFC 217 earlier this month, and believes it will be “very difficult” for Garbrandt to get back close to the 135 lbs.
After removing from his system several months of “insults, comments, slander and so on”, Dillashaw managed to overcome his nemesis by knockout in the second round, now, several weeks later, he analyzes his fight and the future of the division more thoroughly. .

“Achieving completion, getting the win is the most important thing,” Dillashaw told ” I would have preferred to kick his ass for five rounds to prove he was a better fighter and finish him in the fifth round. as I do in some of my fights, later in the championship assaults to really prove a point. But, obviously, I’m going to take the advantage of ending the fights. ”

With other bantamweight contenders leaning toward the title, such as Jimmie Rivera, John Lineker, and Raphael Assuncao , Dillashaw understands that it will be ” difficult ” for Garbrandt to have another chance.

“[Garbrandt] is good enough [to win another title shot], but he has holes in his game and I think I’ve proven it ,” Dillashaw said. “I do not think I have a jaw, either.” I think a lot of people fear their power, and there are some guys in the weight category who can handle it. It is going to be a difficult road. It’s definitely good enough to do it, but it’s going to be difficult. 

Well it may be difficult for Cody Garbrandt but still TJ Dillashaw counting him out at this stage is definitely too early. He might be making a fatal mistake in his analysis on this one.

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