Three Best Mariusz Pudzianowski Fights


Mariusz “Pudzian” Pudzianowski is a Polish beast of a man who started his career as a strongman competitor, who holds the record for winning the World’s Strongest Man more times than anybody else, and racking up countless other 1st place finishes in his decorated career. He’s also a successful entrepreneur, operating a transport company and a bodyguard school, and has said that he competes in sports for fun and as a hobby because there’s not a lot of money to be made as a strongman or an MMA fighter.

KSW 31 Mariusz Pudzianowski vs Rolles Gracie KO


Butterbean may make Roy Nelson look like Tyron Woodley, but none the less he’s an accomplished pro boxer with a record of 77–10–4.

You aren’t a true heavyweight until you’ve beaten up Bob Sapp.

Here’s a video of Mariusz beating the shit out of Bob Sapp, which is a rite of passage.

Boxer vs Bodybuilder.

Anytime a stright-up boxer steps into the ring for an MMA match, it usually doesn’t go their way. For a fight billed as “Boxer vs Bodybuilder”, you might give the boxer the upperhand – especially against a guy making his debut, until this fight starts and you see the immediate aggression from Pudzian who knows that going for the boxer’s legs will totally take him out of his element. It looks like the boxer, Marcin Najman, has better movement… until he gets his legs chopped down.

Honourable mention: Can’t win ’em all.

Pudzian took a loss in this fight against Tim Sylvia, but lasting nearly two rounds with a former UFC Heavyweight champion is nothing to scoff at, even though he tapped to strikes.

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