This MMA Legend Just Called Steven Seagal an Embarassment


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“It’s sad how some people can’t accept that their time the spotlight has come to an end. I watch Brazilian jiu jitsu today and am amazed that some of the basic moves are new to me. Once I saw a move that I never saw before and instead of pretending like I already knew that move I stepped up and asked the instructor to show it to me again so I could learn it. What more ironic about this is that this instructor is my student. Steven Seagel is an embarrassment to true Martial Artists.”

This quote by the legendary Enson Inoue may have nailed the sentiment many hardcore MMA fans have towards the movie star and lifelong martial arts practitioner Seagal. Many believe Seagal has developed a stubborn and superior attitude , as if he has nothing more to learn, which is of course the opposite of the true martial arts ethos.


Steven Seagal is frequently seen cage side at UFC events and has worked with notable fighters such as Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Daniel Cormier, but many question whether it’s truly his martial arts pedigree or just his tremendous star power that has allowed him access to these circles.

seagal daniel cormier

This isn’t the first time Seagal has been humbled and embarrassed by an MMA legend, check out an even more stinging example on the next page:

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