This Kid is a Future Fighter, Eats Punch To The Chin Like It’s Nothing Then Laughs


The weakness of some fighters is they just don’t like to get hit. I mean, nobody likes to get hit (except maybe Robbie Lawler and Diego Sanchez…) Mike Tyson said that everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face, but there are certain people on Earth where their plan seems to revolve around getting punched in the face…


Diego’s fights don’t really start until he’s concussed and nearly unconscious. Then it’s go time.

The kid in the video we’re about to check out would make Uncle Robbie proud…


But some people just completely shut-down and lose all focus once they start getting tagged, whereas others seem to thrive on it. Hendricks is known as one of the hardest hitters in the division, and Robbie loves it.

Watch how giddy he gets after getting punched my Johny Hendricks. Robbie is a scary dude.

The kid in this video has the fighting gene through and through, he eats this punch like it’s an appetizer and he’s still hungry for the main course.

Goin' full Oliver Twist on these mofos.

Goin’ full Oliver Twist on these mofos.

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