This Hotel Offers Free Rooms To Anyone Who Proves That They Love Muay Thai


The dream of anybody who is serious about their combat training is to eventually make the pilgrimage over to Thailand to learn Muay Thai from the world’s best fighters at the world’s best Muay Thai gyms. Even if you aren’t a fighter, Thailand has a lot to offer in terms of culture, beauty, beginner  training, and plenty of ladyboys to go around.


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Making the trip isn’t something that everybody can afford. You’re looking at $1000+ for airfare, and thousands more to pay for lodging and training if you’re there for a month or two.

But a trip to Thailand to train Muay Thai just got a lot more affordable.

You’ll still need to get there and sort out your time off work, but you can get your hotel room paid for and some free classes, too.

There’s a hotel in Bangkok called Muay Thai Hotel that is offering free accommodations to anybody that’s serious about training and practicing Muay Thai. If you burn 3,000 calories a day while training Muay Thai, your accommodations will be free. Naturally, people burn calories at different rates but you’re looking at roughly 4 hours a day of intense training.

They’ve got cement walls, lockers, and pads. What the fuck else could you even expect from a hotel, fancy boy?


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Spots are filling up quickly but there are still rooms availiable, you can learn more at

Spots are filling up quickly but at least these two beds are still available. You can learn more at

This isn’t the first hotel is Thailand to cater to the Muay Thai crowd, but it’s the first one to reward dedication with a free stay. If you don’t hit the 3000 calorie goal, the regular price of their Muay Thai rooms cost around $30-$50 USD. They’ve got other rooms for around $15 if you don’t mind sharing a dorm with 8 other sweaty tourists who are feeling super aggressive after learning to throw a punch for the first time.

There are free classes everyday, and if you’re hoping to cash in on that free room you’ll need to wear a heart-rate monitor for proof. The Art of 8 Limbs is a key part of modern MMA, and a great tool to have in your kit. To give you an idea of what this hotel is like, they have a punching bag and gloves right in the lobby.

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