This Boxer Was Hurting His Opponent So Badly He Demanded The Ref Stop The Fight


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There’s an old trick in fighting where you land a few good shots then look up the ref like “WTF why aren’t you stopping this?” If you have an inexperienced ref, sometimes he’ll fall for it and end the fight early in your favor. Hell, it can even happen to experienced referees too…


Barao looked up at Herb while Herb was asking Faber for a sign that he’s still in it.

In this video, however, the fighter was genuinely destroying his opponent and he had to ask the ref to end the fight before he ended up killing the guy.

He's feeding him shot after shot after shot.

He’s feeding him shot after shot after shot.

Leamy Tato had his back in the corner and he was getting worked, he was out on his feet and Will Meehan was teeing off on his, mostly with clean shots right to the head.

Nobody wants to be responsible for another boxing death, so this fighter tried to take matters into his own hands…

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