This 23 Year Old Russian Weightlifter Has The Most Unusually Muscular Body We’ve Ever Seen


russian-girl (2)

Fun fact: All Russian children learn Sambo and wrestle with bears, it’s part of the elementary school curriculum. 

russian-girl (3)

Or maybe a good opponent for CM Punk?

russian-girl (4)

Or we let Cyborg get back on the juice and bulk up a bit. She already walks around at 170…

russian-girl (5)

Challenge her to an arm wrestle. We dare you.

russian-girl (6)

Here she is completely emasculating all the men in the gym and making them feel weak. She often has that effect on men, no matter where she goes. She says that people online talk a lot of shit, but in real life nobody says a damn thing. 

russian-girl (7)

Even alpha female beasts take mirror selfies.


After this pic she did a cannon-ball and emptied the entire pool.


Warm up sets…


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