The Founder of Pinkberry Was A Champion Korean Kickboxer. You Won’t Believe Why He’s Going To Jail.


Pinkberry might be your guilty pleasure, but wait until you hear what the guilty pleasure of the frozen yogurt shop’s founder is. Hint: it involves homeless people and tire irons.


Young Lee was a champion kickboxer in Korea before he got too old to fight and decided to become an architect, before ultimately settling on a career as a yogurt magnate. While driving on the freeway one day, there was a homeless man on the side of the road begging for money. Nothing out of the ordinary. According to this homeless man, his shirt rode up revealing a tattoo. This tattoo sent Lee into a rage, because he turned around, stopped the car, and started attacking the homeless guy with a tire iron until witnesses pulled him off to stop the assault.

It was a tattoo of two stick people having sex. You would expect somebody involved in the upscale frozen yogurt business to have enough culture to appreciate fine art such as this.

Artist's rendering of the tattoo.

Artist’s rendering of the tattoo that sent Pinkberry founder into a violent rage.

The fighter-turned-yogurt-guru was sentenced by a court of his peers for assault with a deadly weapon. Seven years in jail because he didn’t like someone’s tattoo. Hopefully nobody in prison shows him this page… Also, he would be wise to introduce himself to the other prisoners as a kickboxing champion rather than mentioning anything about a “pink berry”.

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