The 5 Luckiest Knockouts In UFC History


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Sometimes a fighter will train for months, working tireless to get in there and control the action, visualizing their knockout every night as they’re falling asleep, and finally making it happen. Sometimes, you just get a freebie and that’s good too.

Lucky” doesn’t necessarily mean the fighter didn’t earn the KO and it’s not meant to be disrespectful to the fighters, it just means it came out of nowhere and they would have been in a LOT of trouble if it didn’t happen.

Here are 5 of the luckiest and most unexpected knockouts from the UFC.

Kongo vs Barry

This fight could have been stopped, but Big Dan was on top of things and let it go on long enough for the tides to completely turn in Kongo’s favor after he was incredibly close to being finished. Heartbreaker for Pat Barry.

One of the least-expected KO’s ever, coming up next…

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