10 Fighters Who Kept Viciously Attacking Their Opponent While The Ref Tried To Pull Them Off


Renzo Gracie

Here are Renzo Gracie’s three strikes. First of all, he holds onto the submission and the ref has to practically drag him off. Then he keeps trying to kick the guy, then he steps on the back of his neck. It’s a trifecta of disrespect.

TJ Dillashaw can’t stop, won’t stop

Soto was a last minute replacement in the fight  that was supposed to be Dillashaw vs Barao, the rematch after TJ dominated Renan Barao and won the 135lb belt. Joe Soto did much better than anybody expected, he was the heavy underdog (Much like TJ in the fight where we won the belt), but held his own. Dillashaw didn’t want to leave it up to the judges, so he ended this one with an exclamation mark in the 5th round.

Mike Tyson vs James Bonecrusher Smith

Despite his efforts to get in between them after the bell had sounded, Ref Mills Lane was reminded by Tyson that they’re in his courtroom now.

Most people’s reaction to meeting Kos

This is the move that got Paul Daley a lifetime ban from the UFC.

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