Swedish Bikini Cop Tackles Thief and Serves Him Instant Justice


Last Wednesday, an off-duty Swedish Police Officer was sunbathing with her friends at the beach. She’s not just any police officer, either, she’s really into fitness and competes on Swedish Ninja Warrior. She’s also into serving up instant justice.


This would-be thief thought they looked like easy targets. The police office, who is naturally aware of her surroundings and trained to get a read on people quickly, noticed the shady character lingering around, and eventually he came up to them.

He dropped some papers on one of the ladies’ towels, picked up his papers, and carried on.

This guy thinks he’s some kind of slight-of-hand magician, but his magic didn’t work on these girls.

Before he could get too far, one of the Officer’s friends noticed her phone was missing. Two of the girls were officers, they caught the guy in a matter of moments, he only made it about 15m away.


So they got him to the ground and held him there, there was nothing that he could do to escape:

“One of my friends is also a police officer, so we got hold of him. He tried to get away so we held onto him harder.” said Mikaela Kellner, the Officer in question.

Justice isn’t always served this quickly, but criminals eventually get what they have coming. Who knows how many times this guy tried this scam before finally getting caught? Who knows what he was even doing with those phones? Was he targeting the phones of bikini babes in order to steal their pictures like some sorta creep, or is he just a typical scumbag who would sell the phones for a few bucks?

In either case, it’s good that this phone was recovered swiftly and this guy probabally won’t be trying this scam any time soon.

A warning to all you phone thieves out there.

A warning to all you phone thieves out there.

The officer said that the reason she posted the photo on Instagram, which got thousands of likes almost instantly, was to raise awareness about this type of scam so that other people at the beach can be a little more careful and to keep their eyes on their belongings. So, if you’re at the beach and some guy comes up and tries to put some papers down on your stuff, you know what to do.

Another trick is to just wrap up  your belongings in a clean diaper and roll it up so that it looks used. Nobody is going to expect a cellphone, a camera, a watch, jewellery, or any other valuables to be in there so they’ll just leave it alone. Just keep an eye on the beach cleaners to make sure that nobody comes up and throws it in the trash!

If all of the police officers in America were like her, we probabally wouldn’t have so many issues going on. In the States, the guy probabally would have been shot the second he first walked up and tried to sell them a magazine, before they even knew he was a thief!

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