Stipe Miocic does not Think Daniel Cormier is His Match “He’s an Idiot”


Stipe Miocic spent months calling for a rematch of the UFC World Heavyweight Championship. That with the support of many fans who thought the same. And finally, he will have it. The former champion will face off against Daniel Cormier at UFC 241. But this would not have happened at this time if there had been no problems in the negotiations between the company and Brock Lesnar.

And that is something that Miocic does not forget. Do not forget that they tried to pass over him when he really deserves a rematch for the title. 

Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Not only UFC but also Cormier himself. And that’s why he does not have a good opinion of him. This recently commented to Ariel Helwani

“He’s an idiot … he literally says one thing and then says something else. I don’t even listen anymore.” It is clear that Stipe Miocic does not think much of Daniel Cormier saying that the fighter is all over the place when he talks.

He goes to in the full interview below that he was shocked to learn he was fighting DC in this rematch and he “Can’t wait to get out there and get back my belt” See full video of the interview below

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