Steven Seagal Says The Government Is Planning School Shootings


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If there’s one thing that Seagal loves, it’s making bold statements that he can’t back up. If there are two things, the other one is definitely Russia.

In this video, The Sensai combines his two loves in an interview on Russian television.

Here’s a snippet from his statements: 

“I believe that, and I hate to say this, a lot of these mass murders and all this funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered.” – Steven Seagal

There are two videos coming up. The first one includes the rest of his statements regarding school shootings being “engineered“.

The next one shows how he’s training civilian volunteers how to run into schools with guns. Again we’re not experts, but that doesn’t really sound like the best idea… If the only training these people are getting is from Steven Seagal, and he’s telling them to run into schools with guns, that sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

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