Video: Senator Punches Teen In The Face Who Egged Him


We all know it very important to teach our kids manners and how to behave in an orderly when they are out. We are not sure if this teen in the video had any kind of lessons in outdoor conduct. However, senator Fraser Anning who is from Queensland in Australia was giving a speech about violence. When in the middle of the speech this young man who is 17 years old and should know better. Decides to egg the senator by hitting at the back of the head with an egg.  We don’t know if this guy did it with malice or if he just thought it was funny. However, Instinctively the senator makes an about turn and soccer punch the teen in the face.

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You would think that this teen had learned his lesson after the first punch but he then goes into a rage and start to fight with the senator. Then the senator lunges another punch at the young man before he tackled to the floor and subdued in a chokehold. It has been reported that the teen was taken to hospital but he is fine and has been discharged. So far no charges have been filed against the senator.

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