Too Hot For TV

There’s an Underground NYC Fight Club Where Millionaires, Models, and Hipsters All Square Off

Too Hot For TV

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A group of NYC male model hipster kids put on gruesomely violent no-holds-barred fights in in venues¬†like abandoned dance clubs, warehouses, or the basements of Chinese food restaurants. It’s still illegal for the UFC to put on fights in New York, but that doesn’t stop small under-the-radar grassroots Fight Clubs from popping up all over the city.

The real life version is better than the movie.

The real life version is better than the movie.

The fights aren’t sanctioned, they don’t have proper medical assistance or officials, and there’s no huge purse to the winner. It’s all about the raw glory that comes from dominating your opponent in hand-to-hand combat.


The ringleader, some male model kid named Charles Himmelstein who wears a metal chain when he fights and has a penchant for fucking supermodels.

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