Sage Northcutt Now Ready To Give UFC His All And Unleash His Full Fighting Potential


Sage Northcutt is no stranger to misfortunes and missteps, but come on everyone makes mistakes. Northcutt is still be consider a kid remember his just  21 years old. So young is Northcutt that, until UFC Fight Night 120 , he did not devote his full attention to his career  because he was still doing school.

Since my first fight in the UFC, when I was 19, I was studying in college at the same time, but now I retired of the school,” an ever smiling Northcutt told the media after his triumph on Saturday. ” I’m focused on the UFC and fighting full time. Now I train in Team Alpha Male, one of the best teams in the world and I’m still improving .

“I’m working and rising in the rankings fight for fight. I went back to the lightweight and I’m still unbeaten there, it’s a blessing,’ continued” the Super “Sage, who suffered his two defeats in the company between the welters. As for his relationship with his new team , one of the biggest gyms in sports, Northcutt says he originally connected with its founder Urijah Faber on Instagram . The young prospect controlled the match and showed improved jabs and demolitions, and credits his new environment with his progress: ” Obviously I hope to get a belt in the future and have Team Alpha Male there with me .”

And as for his passage through the octagon, which has been going on for two years and has always developed as a center of attention, the prospect again noted his young age. For Northcutt, although he makes mistakes along the way, he still has a lot to develop: ” I’m still a child, I’m 21 years old. I was the youngest person to make it to the UFC and succeed in its debut. I keep growing and improving as a fighter.”

The good news about all this for Northcutt fans is that they have not seen his full potential and we expect lots more now that he hitting the training full time for UFC

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