Sage Northcutt Explains His Ambar Escape


Sage Northcutt was looking that he was in some trouble at the UFC 200 fight but he survived.
Sage Northcutt, scored another win this Saturday at UFC 200 in the Octagon but we must admit that at some point he was looking like he was in some deep trouble. However Sage states he was clam and knew exactly what to do so in his mind he knew he was going to escape.

Sage Northcutt in an interview with Fox Sports stated “You know, the first thing people are taught when someone is getting an armbar on them is obviously to hold on tight, and to be able to turn the thumb,” Sage told FOX Sports. “So, you don’t want that thumb straight up and down because you don’t want to snap your elbow, or anything with your bicep or anything like that. So, doing that first, that was the most important thing.”

Well we don’t know if he is saying that now because he really escaped or would he had still stick to that story if he had lost. But Regardless Congrats to Sage Northcutt on is third UFC 200 win.

Continue To See the Full Back Stage Interview With Sage want to thank you guys for support and Jesus for his performance and brief fans on few of his strategies last night.

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