RUMOR: You Won’t Believe Who Ovareem Is Calling Out Now


Alastair Ovareem turned heads (*and not just Arianny’s, see below) after his victory over Frank Mir at UFC 169 when he called out Brock Lesnar who isn’t even in the UFC. I guess in the Reem’s mind, why call out a champ or even someone ranked above you when you can talk your way to the bottom. He’s pulling a reverse Sonnen.

(*Mizz Celeste seems to like what she sees.)

So, who’s next for Ovareem?

A couple days ago, Cyborg has said she will make the cut to 135 to right Ronda for the ufc strap. That’s all well and good, except the fact that she has claimed in the past that cutting to 135 would literally kill her. That’s what her doctors told her, apparently. Anyways, after hearing that Cyborg was hoping to get in the UFC and would certainly have trouble making weight (She’s tipped the scales at 7 pounds over for a 145 fight), The Reem issued the following statement…

“I’m looking for a fight. Cyborg wants to get into the UFC, why don’t her and I just fight at a catchweight? You wouldn’t have to worry about a cut, and I wouldn’t have to worry about being evenly matched with an opponent so I think we both get what we’re looking for.”

I think it’s kind of messed up for a heavyweight man to challenge a woman who weights in at almost half his weight, what do you think?




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