RUMOR: Ronda Rousey At The Beach With Mystery Man


Let’s start with some background. Ronda Rousey is the McMann-Liver-Kneeing, Tate-Tossing, Movie Star alpha female poster girl for the UFC’s women’s division. Pete Holmes is the pasty host of a late-late night talk show on TBS. If there’s any truth to the old saying that opposites attract, it’s this. Ronda was spotted at the beach recently with a mystery man, and as soon as she appeared on the late night talk show hosted by Pete Holmes, fittingly named the Pete Holmes Show, it became pretty obvious who that mystery man from the beach snapshot really was. We have not heard from the PR firms representing either Ronda or Pete, nor have they said anything publicly about any kind of relationship, but sometimes the proof is in the pudding.

This might look like a normal playful interview from a comedian but if you look a little deeper, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Take a look at the controversial video for yourself, then keep reading for our break-down of what’s really happening.

It only takes a minute for Pete to go from “You’re so lovely” to talking about Ronda pulling on his balls like a paper cup dispenser. Pick up artists, take note. This is some high-level stuff. Notice how he subtly draws attention to the size of his package around 1:36 before going all-in with the sex before a match question.

You could text me a “?” and I would be there real fast.

Pete lays it all on the line before entering the ring to display his physical prowess, and when things get down to the mats all bets are off.

The question remains, did this steamy affair manifest itself on the show or had it already been happening prior to that segment being shot?


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