RUMOR: We MIGHT Know Who Gets Next Shot At Hendricks…


The landscape of the Welterweight division has shifted, with GSP’s successor in place it’s time to start gossiping like a bunch of school girls over who will get the next shot at the belt.

Oh, Joe

Joe Rogan insists the UFC wasn’t pulling any kind of puppet strings when he suggested that the next title shot should go to Rory MacDonald. Internet Detectives were quick to point out that the UFC had footage cut and ready to go of Rory MacDonald that they played at the end of the 171 PPV broadcast. How could they have had that footage ready if there wasn’t a conspiracy to get Joe to plant the Rory seed in people’s minds? Obviously, the UFC gets footage cut for each of the main contenders, and were ready to play a reel regardless of who Joe picked, so calm down PI.

So “rumor has it” that Rory gets the next shot at the belt. But you know how these rumors can be, sometimes you have to wonder if the UFC puts them out themselves just to keep people talking. Anyways, it’s working…

Nick Diaz has said that he’ll only return for big fights, going so far as to start calling out Johny Hendricks in no uncertain terms. He wants to get his quick hands on that beard. It’s been a long minute since Diaz has scored himself a victory, but you’ve got to give him credit for campaigning for a title shot. Or do you? Maybe not. Regardless, a more realistic match-up would be Diaz vs Lawler for a title shot. Fans would be all over the Hendricks/Lawler rematch, but only if Robbie earns it. Plus a solid victory over Lawler would help the haters to swallow the Diaz-Pill.

That still leaves guys like Lombard and Woodley up in the air, but it’s hard to say that either of them deserves a crack at the belt before Rory MacDonald. (The UFC isn’t paying us to say that, promise.) 

So here’s our solution…

  1. Give Rory the next title shot, Johny said he’ll be ready to go in about 7-8 months.
  2. In the meantime, let’s see Lombard and Woodley go at it, and Lawler vs Diaz.
  3. The two winners from those fights could square off and barring any injures, timing would work out just right for winner to take on the current Champion.

Keep the other guys on the bench and ready to go in case of injury, and we’re got a really interesting year ahead of us for the UFC’s Welterweight division.


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