Rousey Says The Only Way She Would Fight Mayweather Is If They Were Lovers


Ronda Rousey took a shot at Floyd Mayweather in a recent interview with Access Hollywood on her press tour for Entourage. They brought up the age old question of Rousey vs Mayweather (Where trying to hug would get you hip-thrown into an instant armbar…), and Ronda used that as a chance to highlight Floyd’s checkered past.

“I don’t think that me and him would ever fight, unless we ended up dating.”

Ronda with the sick burn.

Wonder what Floyd’s response will be? The last  time that everybody was talking about this hypothetical fight between the two, Floyd said “Ronda? Who’s  he?” Not to beat a dead horse but it’s not even a matter of who would win, it’s a matter of how long could Floyd last before Ronda was able to pull guard, buckle him with leg kicks, or simply spider-crawl over to him and grab his legs and drag him to hell on the canvas.

Ronda also commented on her recent Tindering spree

“I actually had a lot more fun playing with my guy friends and just swiping all the busted chicks, and hoping they hit them up.”


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