Video Game Designer Creates Floyd Mayweather vs. Ronda Rousey in Street Fighter 4


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While it’s definitely not going to happen (stop dreaming, folks!), the Floyd Mayweather vs. Ronda Rousey rivalry has captured the imagination of MMA and boxing fans alike. What would it look like, however, if it actually did happen? That’s a question that a crafty Street Fighter IV modder is trying to answer, with an interesting set of customized costumes for two of the series’ mainstays.


While not exactly true-to-life in terms of size, a modified Balrog (M. Bison for all the Japanese fans out there) takes on the role of Mayweather, losing his hair and gaining Mayweather’s iconic TMT logo on his trunks. Fellow Street Fighter 2 holdover Cammy gets transformed into Rousey, retaining the character’s unique combination of diving strikes and big throws but gains UFC-branded gear.

So who wins the fight, according to Street Fighter IV? Well, check it out on the next page.

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