Ronda Rousey to Floyd Mayweather: I Make 3x More Than You, Text Me When You Learn To Read and Write


Ronda and Floyd are going at it again. It’s great timing for Ronda, who would much rather have people focusing on how much money she makes and her jabs at Mayweather instead of this controversy.


After Ronda called out Floyd for being a woman-beater at the ESPY awards, Mayweather’s response was short and sweet:

“I’ve yet to see any MMA fighter, or other boxer, make over $300 million in 36 minutes,” Mayweather said. “When she can do that, then call me.”


In response to Floyd’s comments about money, Ronda’s been running the numbers:

“It’s kind of funny, people bring up pay to me a lot,” Rousey said in an interview with TMZ. “I don’t know if you saw the Floyd thing. He said, ‘when you make $300 million in a night, then you can give me a call.’ And I actually did the math, and given the numbers of my last fight, I’m actually the highest paid UFC fighter, and I’m a woman.”

But leaving it at that wouldn’t be Ronda’s M.O. at all:

“I think I actually make two to three times more than he does per second. So when he learns to read and write, he can text me.”

Ronda’s shade is much better in the video format…

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