Ronda Can Fight Amanda Nunes If She Want To


No one seems to know what Rhonda Rousey has been planning for 2016, but if she wants to fight, there is still a title shot waiting for her.

She has not compete since Rosie knockout loss for Holly Holm in UFC 193 last November, and it has made no statement since that time in regards to the timetable for her return.

But Rosie keeps leading candidate to win the title of cock weight women, according to UFC President Dana white, who tells Rosie can fight new champion Amanda Nunez next if that’s what you want.

Ronda going to take this decision, “said White in another 200 UFC battle display Saturday at FS1. “I’d like to see her fight this year, but it could be early next year.

“Who is champion is that Rhonda would fight.”

If Ronda do not return by year end, white pointed out that women ex-welterweight champ Holly Holm is likely to become the backup to face in his first title defense Nunez.

She suffered the fifth loss Holly Holme in providing service to Miesha Tate, and it matched with Valentina Shevchenko at the main event for UFC fight night FOX in Chicago on 23 July.

If she wins, says Wight Holm also could jump competitor race Summit to confront Nunez if Rosie sit for remainder of 2016.
Ronda Rousey Punch
“If it comes back, Rhonda and Rhonda get the shot. We’ll see what happens with Holly Holm in the next battle, they fight on FOX. It’s all good things, “White said.

Defeated Nunez Tate first provide depth naked choke round in UFC 200 and now it becomes a new hero, the third since lost Rosie belt last year.

No fighter has defended the title of women’s cock weight since Rosie. Will Nunez trying to become the first when you fight again later this year.

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