Roman Reigns invites Conor McGregor to WWE 205 Live. Is This A New Mockery?


Conor McGregor is someone who generates both affection and annoyance. That’s why, when a few years ago he said he would slap the entire WWE cast, the WWE superstars were all over him. One was Roman Reigns,, who responded in this way:

” You are the size of my leg . Shut up .

Roman Reigns To Conor McGregor

At that time it was rumored, as has been rumored in recent years, that the Irishman could sign with the WWE company. And now that he has retired the issues has resurface again. Precisely ESPN Sports asked the former WWE Champion if the former Light World Champion has signed with them.

This answered :

We got the best spot on 205 Live. He is a cruiserweight, no doubt, and we’ll let him go in there and flip with all those guys”

This is a Mockery To Conor

Many have taken this as a mockery by Reigns to McGregor because 205 Live is currently the least successful WWE brand. It’s where the smaller fighters compete. And really the Roman is not wrong because the Irishman has the size for it. Although given his popularity, if he were a fighter, he would be on Raw or SmackDown. What do you think? Is it a mockery of “The Notorious”?

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