Ray Rice Gears Up For Amateur MMA Debut


Shamed Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has found a new sport and it’s a lot more relevant to his interests. He’ll be joining the ranks of other NFL-turned-MMA fighters like Matt Mitrione and Bob Sapp. Ray Rice is apparently training privately in his home for an upcoming amateur MMA fight that has yet to be announced to the public, but the location is in a small Casino on the outskirts of Memphis.

The reason for the private lessons is because he’s anxious about joining a gym, worried that other gym members will judge him or not accept him, and of course the mobs of angry people that would show up and mob the place.

That makes sense, because…

Here’s the line to exchange your Ray Rice jersey.

Clearly he hasn’t won a lot of fans, because the line to trade in your Ray Rice jersey (It’s a special program the Ravens are running) stretches around the block.


We haven’t been able to find out which promotion he’ll be fighting for, but it will have to be one that has an open-door policy for domestic abuse and assault charges. Where, oh where, are you ever going to find an MMA promotion that’s okay with stuff like that…?

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