Rapper T.I. Offers Floyd Mayweather $80 Million To Fight Him On Pay-Per-View (Video)


It is no secret that T.I. and Mayweather has had a long-standing beef for years and T.I want to settle it in the ring. The feud between these two stars goes back to 2016 when a picture of T.I wife Tiny and Mayweather hit the internet steering up rumors that there was an affair going one between Mayweather and Tiny.

Needless to say, this infuriated T.I and he has had the boxer on his hit list ever since. So much so that things got physical between the two men

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As the news continues to circulate it lead to a physical altercation between T. I and Mayweather and since then there has been real bad blood between these two megastars every since.

Just recently the Gucci designer brand had featured a sweeter that had serious backlash and online condemnation saying it resembles blackface.

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Nothing the less T.I took to social media calling all African Americans and white supporters to boycott Gucci. Which is the brand endorsed and famously worn by Mayweather? His calls for boycott did not go unanswered, Mayweather responded saying that he was not going to support T.I. and that is not boycotting Gucci either.

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T.I wasted no time in responding to Floyd Mayweather posting a dis-track to this Instagram below you can listen to the track below. However, rapper T.I did not leave it there he took things further and started to seek to set up a fight with Mayweather. So serious that T.I. has been seen practicing and sparring in the ring and he has said he is ready to “knock Floyd out”.

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Mayweather seems to suggest that what T.I was calling for was simply nonsense and that a temporary boycott would not do the company anything he seems to be saying that the boycott should have been permanent but T.I seem to be more going on principle then logic here.

T.I then set his sights on Mayweather taking to social media to post a video of himself boxing and calling out Floyd Mayweather: See video below

According our sources, Floyd Mayweather’s team is definitely interested at this time in the fight and will take it into consideration if the prize money for the fight is right. Were being told that Showtime PPV and DAZN is interested and Floyd could be potentially be looking at $80-$100 Million dollars if the pay-per-view sales come through. If this his fight goes down, who do you have? T.I. or Floyd Mayweather?

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