Quick Knockout by Ionut “Pitbull” Atodiresei



This guy isn’t wasting a moment. The bell rings, they tap gloves – and then a moment later it’s ALL OVER. This is one of the fastest knockouts ever, just a clean shot that lands right on the target and that’s it. Goodnight.

Some people don’t think it’s worth it to watch smaller promotions or to watch anything besides the UFC, but once you’re inside the cage you never know what’s going to happen.

There are a lot of fighters with the nickname Pitbull, but  this guy definitely deserves to use it too. This is one of his two MMA fights, the rest of his career has been as a kickboxer. This quick fight took place for a brief moment in December 2014 in Romania, as part of the RXF 15 – MMA All Stars card.


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