Muay Thai

Phuket Dreaming Season 2 Episode 2

Muay Thai

After weeks of anticipation, Episode 2 of Phuket Dreaming is finally here.

Take another trip to chill with Phuket Top Team over in Thailand as they explore the beautiful scenery, spent some time surfing, fix a car with Cyborg, stop in to see Carlson Gracie Jr., and more.

After a bit of a fender bender, the crew had to pull over to fix a broken tire. Thankfully, Cris Cyborg was there to pop on the spare like the true alpha female she is. They put on a kumate on the beach to match up different fighting styles to see which one reigns supreme. If you’ve never been to Thailand, it should definitely be on your travel bucket list. The landscapes are incredible, and  the training is world-class.

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