Pedro Munhoz Get Hit With $2,500 Fine for Jumping Octagon at UFC 235


Brazilian Pedro Munhoz received a $ 2,500 fine for jumping the octagon grids after his UFC 235 victory. The decision was made at a hearing last Wednesday. These type of penalties are generally imposed by the Nevada Athletic Commission to promote the athletes’ physical integrity.

In addition to the initial cash punishment, Pedro will still have to pay a value of US $ 327.06 for the fee that must be paid for the fighter to be eligible again in the organization.

According to members of the Nevada Athletic Commission, the fighters were previously given clear warnings that, in the event of any such incident, all those involved would be properly penalized.

The judging panel had considered punishing the Brazilian similar to that received by Khabib Nurmagomedov who jumped from the Octagon in order to hit one of Conor McGregor ‘s team members after the end of UFC 229 main fight in October last year. The athletic committee, however, realized that Peter’s intentions were not malicious, therefore only imposing a cash fine.

After the excellent victory over the former champion of the cocks, Cody Garbrandt the Brazilian already has a new appointment in sight Munhoz will face North American Aljamain Sterling at UFC 238 in June.

Pedro currently occupies the fourth position, one behind his next opponent. Munhoz, 32, has a record of 22 fights, 18 wins, three defeats.

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