Paulie Malignaggi attacks MMA: “Boxing is the most dangerous sport” (Video)


Paulie Malignaggi is preparing to see each other with Artem Lobov in BFKC. The two will star in what could be called the most attractive fight of the company so far. At least the one that more looks will attract given the ardent rivalry between both. Which of the two will succeed?

Recently the boxer sat down with FightHype to talk about this fight, but he also talked about other issues, like boxing is more dangerous than MMA

Watch Video Paulie Malignaggi makes trash talks MMA and compares it to Boxing

“Lobov and the mixed martial arts community have disrespected my sport in many ways, saying that we fight with pads and that it is not a real sport. We have more deaths from blows. We have more permanent damage. I do not mean that MMA or any other combat sport is not dangerous, but there is a reason why we have more deaths and more brain injuries: we are the most dangerous combat sport.

Maliggnagi also took the opportunity to criticize Conor McGregor again .

“That guy gives up on every fight. And MMA fans are still buying their whiskey. In boxing, if he gave up like he did, they would kick his bottles.

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