One Inmate Takes On 15 Officers


(See Video Of The Fight Below) Being a corrections officer is a job that is physically challenging and carries inherent risk. Corrections officer go through rigorous ongoing training in combat and self defense you never know what is going to happen on the job on a daily basis. From prison riots, fights, as long as you can imagine it then it happens behind bars. However, in this case it was no riot or inmate fighting causing the trouble. I was just one man but that all it takes to turn things upside down.  The inmate starts it all when he refused an order by an officer and then things got heated after that.

The inmate in the video is refusing to get up and two officers quickly move in.  He resist and is able to take both of them down, more officers move in obviously to help their fallen comrades and it turns in to a four on one fight.  By this point the inmate is enraged and rather than things getting under control as you expect, the inmate refuses to back down, before you know what hit you it a full on 15 on 1 fight.

In the end he is subdued but a 15 to 1 fight is never fair play. Well talk about being fearless! This guy shows us courage and bravery or he just being a total a-hole.

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