Now CM Punk Wants To Fight Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz


You lose to Weidman a couple of times and suddenly the whole world’s ready to kick your ass…

In a recent interview, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks has said he’d be down to tango with Nate Diaz and even Anderson Silva if the money is right.

“Who I fight isn’t 100 percent up to me. I don’t think it’s 100 percent up to any fighter. That’s what the [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva’s of the world are for. Would I fight Nate Diaz? This is where he takes it out of context. Yea, I would fight anybody given the proper time to prepare for it. Would that be a wise decision at this juncture in my career? Probably not. But I would also fight Anderson Silva tomorrow if you paid me the correct amount of money to do so.”

Meanwhile, back at Dana White’s secret lair…


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