Nick Diaz Is Looking for a Boxing Promoter to Buy Out His UFC Contract


Before we get too deep into this, we need to preface it by saying that this is probabally (almost certainly) a tactic by Diaz to negotiate a bigger payday for his next UFC fight, and on top of that – he was just answering a question, it’s not like he brought it up in the first place. Anyways, it’s kind of like when a lonely guy hires a pretty girl online to post cute things on his Facebook wall to make real life girls think he’s a hot item. And yeah, that’s actually a thing, don’t ask how we know. Basically Nick’s trying to play the possibility of a boxing run against whatever offer the UFC gets, to show them that he’s in demand.


ES News recently chatted with Nick and asked him about making a potential run in boxing. It’s something that Nick has talked about before, as well. 

“You gotta talk to Dana White,” said Diaz. “Get one of these guys to buy my contract or something and we can make a run but of course, I’m with the UFC so I can’t. I’m not doing no fights this year unless somebody wants to negotiate something. But otherwise, hey yeah, like I said, these guys buy my contract we’ll be fighting out here all day. Everybody gets paid, we’re happy.”

There’s this impression that boxers get paid way more than UFC fighters, but it’s not necessarily the case. The boxers at the very, very top get paid a lot.. but the average is hugely skewed by a handful of guys like Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao. There are plenty of boxers fighting on the under cards of huge events that would love to get paid the same minimums that UFC fighters are getting. Nick would make a lot more than the average boxer because of the spectacle aspect of an MMA fighter fighting a pure boxer. MMA fans would watch, boxing fans would watch, and he’d make a big pay day… but Nick Diaz is a name in MMA, so it’s not like he isn’t going to make bank for his next UFC fight, either.


The bad news here is that Nick doesn’t see himself fighting this year. There’s that pesky 4 months of testing that he’d have to pass from USADA, but his ban is up so he can start getting fights booked anytime now. There was talk about him fighting Woodley, maybe even a rematch against GSP. Not to mention that another fight against Robbie Lawler actually makes some sense right now, since Robbie isn’t holding the belt at the moment.

Whatever Nick’s next move ends up being, you can be sure that it’ll be very entertaining and a lot of people will want to watch.

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