New York City Mugger Steals from a Mother, Gets Choked out by Good Samaritans


In broad daylight, this guy stole money from a mom who was just going about her business. Instead of getting away with it, he was tackled and subdued until he gave the money back to its rightful owner. One of the good samaritans had him in a rear naked choke which could have ended very badly for this thief if he didn’t give up the cash.

Far too often bad people get away with things because good people won’t stand up and do anything about it. This video reminds that the good far outnumber the bad. It has nothing to do with race, religion, or anything else… it’s about doing the right thing.

“I heard screaming and saw a woman with a bloodied lip,” said Deon Frank, 25, to the New York Post. “All her stuff was on the ground. He reached down and grabbed some of her cash and started running away, so I chased him and he tried to attack me so I put him in a position so he couldn’t get me and I called for help.”

More justice here.

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