Nate Diaz is backing Conor McGregor and call boxers one-dimensional


Even though Conor McGregor joins Boxing with Floyd Mayweather Jr. being the non-favorite. For ‘The Notorious’, this will be his debut on the professional circuit of Boxing, and will also face an athlete as Floyd, who has competed in the ring since 1996, and with a perfect record of 49 wins.

UFC lightweight fighter Nate Diaz was surprised in an interview given to ‘TMZ’, defending Conor from criticism of the fight that the Irishman will hold with Mayweather on August 26:

Nate Diaz: “Now all boxers criticize Conor. They say ‘Fuck Conor,’ and he’s going to be embarrassed. ”

“Do you know what is most embarrassing? If Floyd fought in an MMA match, that would be more embarrassing than Conor battling Floyd in a Boxing match. “

“We’re talking about real fighters, not you one-dimensional boxing shit. This is the real fucking real life. (In a real fight) you would be ashamed. “

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