Mugger Finds Easy Victim. Turns Out She’s a Professional Fighter, Makes Him Squeal Like a Pig


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This scumbag criminal was trolling the streets looking for an easy victim to rob, but he picked the wrong lady.

Monique Bastos is a professional fighter out of Brazil. Despite the fact that she’s only 125lbs and has a 0-3 record, she made this would-be mugger squeal like a little piggy.


The classiest part of this video is the fact that once she has the guy subdued and there’s no more threat, she’s actually stopping other people from coming up and taking cheap shots.

They go through his wallet and show his ID for public humiliation. It may seem like it’s this guys unlucky day, but it’s usually mob justice when somebody gets caught stealing from other citizens in Brazil, so this guy’s actually lucky that he wasn’t killed on the spot.


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