MMA Teacher Chokes Out His Student Till He Passes Out In Front of The Class (Video)


The incident occurred in Salta (Argentina) and caused a scandal throughout the province. The video was broadcast by the Salteña Association of Mixed Martial Arts, which denounced the teacher in the networks for his irresponsibility. Officials have said in the coming days they will determine if a criminal complaint will be filed against the teacher.

In the video you can see the student desperately tries to tap-out but the teacher refused to release him until he faints.

The entire episode lasts just under 30 seconds, but it is enough to generate despair and overwhelm in everyone who observes it. It is half a minute in which one can witness the inexperience, the irresponsibility in a risky sport and how close it was to a tragedy. A teacher of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) in the province of Salta practiced a chokehold on a student during a class that was taken to such a limit, that the student, despite giving warnings of surrender, ended with convulsions and suffered fainting before the eyes of all present.

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