MMA fighter Beats Up Thieves at gas station Texas


This seemly regular guy is actually a semi-pro MMA Fighter working at a convenience store when five guys try to rob his coworker who had just return from the bank. It seems the thieves had been stalking the location all morning waiting for the guy to return from the bank.

I kicked him because I wanted him to stop moving

Then just as they start their on salut on the coworker  come running out into the parking lot and hooks one the thieves with a right punch knocking him instantly to the ground then he launches an attack on the other accomplice before the get away car driver see what happening. This guy demonstrated that MMA is not only for the octagon but the streets. We constantly encourage learning self defense as part of an essential skill to have. Not that it also a good form of exercise to keep you fit. The scumbags learn the hard way in life there is no free meals someone gonna pay.

Why is this guy working as a store clerk? At worst he should be able to be getting big money as personal security for some of the more famous UFC fighter maybe Conor McGregor.

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