MMA Fight Between The World’s Scariest Man Vs. The ‘Iranian Hulk’ Officially Signed


Martyn Ford Former bodybuilder, actor and professional bodybuilder champion have recently signed with KSW promotion for his first MMA fight. Martyn has all it takes to be a big star with the MMA fighting arena he even an actor so she should be able to compete with Conor McGregor too with all his acting stuns in and out the Octagon.

But just because he has huge muscle does not mean he knows how to fight because as many of you who read this knows it takes more than brute strength to be a top MMA fighter. However, we won’t have to speculate too long as the MMA bout between these to huge giants will be very soon.

Martyn Ford Is A 6ft 8in 320lb Beast

However, Ford seems to know this he is not going in unprepared in fact he has been training now for several months and those within in training camp things he ready to take on anyone in MMA even at the UFC level. Well, we don’t know how true that may be but Ford insists he’s ready for whoever may cross his path first even if its Brock Lesnar or Daniel Cormier. Currently, Ford has approximately 1.3 million followers and he rallies his support base to support him for his debut MMA fight. Ford says he won’t disappoint anyone who watches his fight has been trying super hard.

On the other hand, he faces the “Iranian Hulk “, 24-year-old Sajad Gharibi a powerlifter with unbelievable size and strength that will make anyone eyes open.

This guy is the real-life version of Marvel Hulk because of his similar proposition the only thing missing is that he is not green but he has the temper of the green marvel monster. Sajad is no stranger to the public due to his massive size and had been a hit on social media, he recently a hit as people share his photos and brute strength. Right now Sajad is not complaining about the attention he is actually loving it and this it will boost him for his upcoming MMA fight. Both these guys will be debuting in MMA combat and it going to be exciting to see them match up.

The experience wrestler has always aimed for a career in WWE, however when he learned that KSW had signed Martry Ford for an MMA contract he decided to alter his focus a bit to get in on piece of the action and signed a deal with KSW which has resulted in the promotion contacting both agents for the fighters who have reached an agreement to for these two fighters to battle each other on the MMA circuit instead of wrestling. Agreement on location and date is still being formalized and will be announced once released. Take a look:

What is interesting is will any one in main stream MMA really want to fight against these two guys. See their upper body strength below

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