MMA Bout Ends When Fighter Nails The Rock Bottom, First Time Landed In Competition


Dwayne Johnson, better known as WWE legend The Rock, may be busy making movies right now and he may have never competed in MMA…but his legacy lives on in the cage today! That’s right, The Rock’s finishing move, the Rock Bottom, was performed in a bout over in Japan between Luis Nogueira (no relation to the Nogueira brothers, mind you) and, no joking here, Yuki Baba.

rock bottom 2

The second most electrifying move in all of sports entertainment. As performed by the People’s Champ himself.

While Nogueira’s Rock Bottom isn’t as clean as the original, there’s no mistaking the one-armed spinebuster for a run-of-the-mill slam. Heck, it even looks like the ref just does a three-count in his head!


You can just see Bab’s life flashing before his eyes in this picture, can’t you?

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “I’ve gotta see this!” Well, FightState has you covered. Check it out after the jump.

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