Miesha Tate Doubled Up On Sports Bras To Avoid Having The Second UFC Nip Slip


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Observant MMA fans may have noticed Miesha Tate’s Reebok uniform being a tad bit more colorful than all of her fellow fighters last Saturday at UFC on Fox 16. The reason for that was she doubled-up on sports bras in order to avoid being the second victim of the free-roaming Reebok sports bra.

“I doubled-up after I saw that,” Tate said to MMAJunkie Radio, referencing the Elizabeth Philips nip slip that occurred during the preliminary card. “I didn’t see it, but I heard about it. I was like, ‘I’m putting on another sports bra, and I don’t care.’ It was a Reebok (sports bra), but it wasn’t part of the uniform.”

The UFC has forced fighters to wear mostly monochromatic Reebok apparel during fights. Tate’s second sports bra was lime green, which stood out in a big way when it peaked out around the mostly black uniform top. The extra color to Tate’s gear caught many pundits’ and media members’ eyes, but an explanation wasn’t forthcoming.
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