Michael Bisping Speaks Out About Victim Of McGregor – ‘Guy’s A Bit Of A D#i@k’


With all the controversy surrounding Conor McGregor recently after he attacked a fan and smashed in the phone in the process. That lead to him being criminally charged and being sue by the fan. The victim the attack is, Ahmed Abdirzak recently spoke out about the incident. However, Michael Bisping has recently spoken out about the attack on his podcast  Believe You Me to speak out.

“Look at Kanye West outside LAX. Kanye West grabbed someone’s camera and smashed it up,” said the former UFC Middleweight Champion. He noted that instance, West was not arrested or even charged. He then said how he is not too happy with the choices of Abdirzak, saying “I’ll just say this guy’s a bit of a f#king dick, to press charges.” So what should he have done?

Surprisingly as Bisping kept talking about his feeling and perspective of what it was clear he was actually empathizing with McGregor’s situation. “He has to deal with this shit on a daily basis, it must drive him up the f—king wall,” noted “The Count.” Bisping wasted no time to say clarify that he was not defending what Conor McGregor did but just understanding what the Irishman was feeling at the time.  was quick to explain that he was not defending the MMA Superstar though, just understanding.

Explaining the situation McGregor likely found himself had to be difficult and tough. “Sometimes, you’re just like ‘You know what, I’d rather just shake your hand, and have a conversation with you for five minutes, and have a real connection,” he said.  That perhaps might have been more fulfilling for Conor McGregor however the Ahmed Abdirzak probably wanted something to remember the event by and what better than a photo. Bisping did not seem to think much about the fans perspective.

What pressed about the issue of  Conor’s reaction to the situation. “He flipped,” said Bisping.” He lost his f—king temper and he grabbed the phone and smashed it. It’s not a big deal. It really, really isn’t.”

Video footage has since emerged from the situation below

Here is what this incent is all about

Click Here To See Video of Conor McGregor Taking and Smashing Ahmed Abdirzak phone Play Video Now

After the incident this is what the alleged victim had to say; ‘His eyes were bulging. He looked f***ed. I was scared for my life.’ British clubber tells how UFC star Conor McGregor smashed his phone in Miami Beach car park and says: ‘He’s a thug. He thinks rules don’t apply to him.’ Well he thinks rules don’t apply to him, this not the first time these comments have been made about the Irishman.
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However it fine for Bisping to have his perspective but we are sure if Conor McGregor had smashed Michael Bisping cell phone it would probably be the fight of the year or perhaps Bisping would have walked away and called the cops, we can only guess.  We recall the fight Bisping had with Silva and what he said after. See video below


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