Michael Bisping has an offer to fight in London, but his family wants him to retire


It is already known that Michael Bisping hopes to retire after one last fight at UFC London. The former middleweight champion said it after his loss at UFC 217 and repeated it after falling to UFC Fight Night 122, but his family could convince him to change the plan: “They have given me an offer, they have a fight for me, and I have taken my time to answer so I have to do it today. But I’m debating whether I accept or not , “Bisping explained yesterday on his Believe You Me podcast. ” My wife, my manager, my friends, they all ask me why I would want to fight. I already got the belt, I got what I set out to do . ”

” I want to fight in England and they tell me to take care of my health, that in a few years no one will care if I take this fight or not, ” said Bisping, who at 38 is about to close an outstanding career. The British began his stint in the UFC in 2006 as the winner of the third season of The Ultimate Fighter, was world champion with a win over Luke Rockhold and has the most number of fights in the octagon with 29. ” I have an evil eye. I can still see but not as well as before and I am still young, and that makes me consider retirement. That’s how we are, and I do not know what I’ll do . ”

And what reasons does “The Count” have to ignore their family’s orders and risk their health in one last fight? Apparently, a few: “There’s the pay. There is still that litter of demand and I do not know if they know it, but lawyers are expensive. Also, I do not want my last fight to be the end of my career, “said the British fighter, who was accused of hanging a teenager in a gym a week from UFC 217.” I also feel that I owe it to my fans of the United Kingdom, they supported me a lot throughout my career “.

” I always imagined that I would retire in London and now I have the opportunity served. I just have to accept it, but everyone around me asks me not to do it, “closed Bisping, who with a final triumph would mark a new record of victories in the UFC with 21.” Long ago I promised my wife and a lot of people I would not fight anymore, but I seem to keep going and I’m still fighting . “

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