Meet This Jiu Jitsu Wrestler Who Was Born Without an Elbow


The human heart itself is a muscle, but so is the abstract concept of “having heart”.


Like any muscle, if you never work it out, it will never grow. If you’re born with a silver spoon, you’ll never have to develop true heart. Our struggles are what shape us and teach us what we can truly accomplish.

We all take certain things for granted, but not everybody is dealt the same hand in this life.

Sam Kaye was born without an elbow, but he makes up for it in pure heart and determination. He’s a Jiu-Jitsu player who embodies the qualities of a true martial artist. He’s looking for real competition to test his limits and he doesn’t want any special treatment:


“Let me worry about myself. Give me everything you’ve got, everytime. Don’t go soft.” – Sam Kaye

In the past, people have been worried about rolling with him. They’ve been concerned that he’s not on their level because of his disability and they might hurt him, but isn’t the same true for anyone who’s rolling with more experienced people?


“Not wanting to roll with me because of my disability is discrimination.” – Sam Kaye

Sam is leading the #CripJitsu movement in an effort to introduce more disabled people to martial arts as a way to stay active, to build confidence, and to test themselves in ways that society has shunned them from doing.


“I probably use the word ‘cripple’ ten or fifteen times a day, minimum. If you own a word, it doesn’t mean anything to you.” – Sam Kaye

His awesome dad taught him at a young age that he’s going to come across a lot of shitheads and bullies, so get the first shot in. If his teachers had a problem with that, his dad was right there by his side. Knowing that his Dad had his back was a huge confidence boost for Sam.


When people get ahold of Sam saying they want to train but they’re afraid and intimidated due to their disabilities, he explains to them that the hardest part is just getting through the door. He tells them to forget about gym class in school where they were picked last, because a good martial arts gym is a totally different place.

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