Meet the Worst Ref in MMA History


MMA has had some terrible referees over the year. Steve Mazzagatti? Phew, remember him? Remember him declaring Anthony Rumble Johnson the loser of his fight because he got poked in the eye?

Steve here is a super chill dude...but boy, does he stink at refereeing.

Steve here is a super chill dude…but boy, does he stink at refereeing.

Oh, and how about Kate Winslow? While a lot of the bitterness surrounding her can be chalked up to good ol’ fashioned misogyny, she was also a genuinely terrible referee. Few were more willing to let fighters absorb more unnecessary punishment and the Strikeforce fight between Mo Lawal and Lorenz Larkin is the perfect example of that.

Kate Winslow could've been a pioneer for women's MMA...but yeah, she's pretty bad at refereeing.

Kate Winslow could’ve been a pioneer for women’s MMA…but yeah, she’s pretty bad at refereeing.

A new challenger to that title has arrived and he put on one of the worst showings in UFC history last night at Fight Night 85. Who is he? And what did he do to join this illustrious crew? Find out on the next page.

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