Man Head Kicks His Cheating Girlfriend


We all know what it is to be in a relationship and love someone, but unfortunately things don’t always work out. Well that is exactly what happened to this guy. He finds out his girlfriend has been cheating on him with two guys. This can cause any guy serious emotional pain. However regardless of the emotional distress you might be feeling never let it get the better of you and resort to violence. Unfortunately this guy did exactly that, after confronting his girlfriend about the incident. She does not give much of a reply before he spin head kick her and suddenly knocks her to the ground.

Luckily she is not seriously injured. She was blindsided by the kick to the head and seem dazed. It is clear that this man is not a professional martial artist, and his girlfriend doesn’t get knocked out or suffer any serious damage other than being dazed by the sudden kick to the head. Looks like the guy is coming back for more as the girl sits on the ground, fortunately one of his friends stops him.

Regardless of what happens you should never attack someone else unprovoked, because the long term ramification are not worth it. That was clearly assault, regardless of what she did.

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