Man Calling Himself “Satan Son” Gets Knocked Out With a One-Two Combo


We all believe in a God or Not the choice is entirely up to the individual. However, at times, people take their belief too far. This video shows a white guy in a red shirt calling himself satan son shortly after he is punched out by a black guy wearing a white shirt. These colors are reminiscent of the fight maybe it was good vs evil (red vs. white).

This incident happened late night at a gas station as it reported the man in the white shirt was just filling up his vehicle. Apparently, he seems to be taking too long and the ‘satan’ son approached him aggressively telling him to move from the pump. This unnecessary aggression leads to an argument between these two men.

Satan Son Goes Down

Neither are trained professional fighters and do not use the basic skill of conflict resolution. As was quoted by Coach Firas Zahabi and trainer “The first time a fighter want to do is to avoid a fight”. This is the best way to win, as in most cases during a pro-fight both opponents will come away with some injury. If you are in a situation that can lead to a fight. The best thing you should do is take necessary action to avoid it.

However, that being said it is not always possible to avoid a fight and self-defense is a necessary skill to have. As this guy in the red shirt clearly did not defend himself correctly. He approached his opponent hands down and exposes his face and body. While he is talking the guy int he redshir took preemptive action at this treat saying “I would..” he does not get to finish his statement before he is knocked out cold on the conrete.

Self Defense

Below we shared his video of analyzin a short fight and showing the weaknesses and advantages in your striking pose and defense positions. We consider it very useful information for self-defense.

This episode highlights the stupidity of trying to fight when it is not necessary and not being in a defensive position when you approach your opponent. These are very vital techniques that should be employed in everyday life situations.


It is clear that the guy in the red shirt was the aggressor he was bullying the black man. He used his intimidation to scare the victim calling himself satan son. However, this tactic was not successful it did not scare the victim but rather the went into a defensive state and wisely took pre-emptive action.

It has been argued that punching a person first when that person is not prepared is a cheap shot. However, that may be true in the octagon/ring in professional fighting. Though those rules do not apply to defensive fighting as in this case the man was trying to defend himself from the perceive treat from satan son.

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