Luke Rockhold is Jon Jones’s Kryptonite


We have seen that Demetrious Johnson is not currently in the UFC that leaves Jon Jones as the dominant active fighter right now in UFC. His record boasts four-time UFC heavyweight champion and so far he has never been defeated in a title fight.

He had on loss which came via disqualification when he hit Matt Hamill with an illegal elbow. Not to mention he destroyed Alexander Gustafsson during their rematch and the Anthony Smith “Lionheart” was ripped open back in March

Now Luke Rockhold has come out and said that he believes that he will be the man to beat Jones. All we can say is that the former middleweight champion should keep taking his medicine.

Credit: USA Sports Today

Luke Fooling Himself?

At one time it seemed that Luke Rockhold looked was on his way to be a beast, but recently he has slide suffering a knocked out by Michael Bisping which was spectacular. While we must credit him as physically able, Luke has a glass chin that he holds it way too high. However, he is set to fight Poland’s Jan Blachowicz at UFC 239 in July and sees that as his opportunity to aim for the title.

“Thiago Santos just got a world title fight after beating Jan Blachowicz, so I figure if I go out there and put a performance on him, what’s to deny me?” Rockhold said on a recent episode of Submission Radio (transcript via MMA Weekly). “I mean, what else is there? These guys are scouring around, not taking fights. So I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna perform and do my job, and then I’m gonna let the chips fall where they may.”


Dream Fight

Luke wants to take on Jon Jones he said, unlike most people he knows Jones style and dominates and counteract the Jackson-Wink fighter. Well, Luke might really believe what he is saying but that does not mean it true.

“I’d jump on (a fight with Jones) in a heartbeat,” he said. “I’ve been training as Jon Jones for (teammate Daniel Cormier) for so many years and I know his style, and like what we have here. So I’m gonna go focus on what I’m doing here this summer and if everything works out, me and Jon will be dancing later this year or 2020.”

Credit: Gary A Vasquez-USA Today Sports

Well if Luke Rockhold really wants to go after Jones he needs to focus on this battle against Blachowicz and move himself up to the light-heavyweight which we think would be good for him but the question can he withstand those tougher punches and stronger body shots.

Well, we could find out very soon as Jone vs Rockhold looks more realistic and promising right now at light-heavyweight. We know it too early for Walker or Reyes and it definitely not going to be Adesanya for sure but Luke Rockhold may be getting a bit delusional if he thinks he can take on Jones simply because he claims he knows his fighting style.

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